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  • "I am going home reminded of my blessings and fortunes that I have in my life.  I am at the wheel of my own journey.  No one else's.  Thank you.
  • "Dr. Nickerson’s teaching and leadership transformed the students, influenced our corporate culture, and helped lead us to improved performance."
    M. Seleway, Kennedy Space Center
  • "Both speakers spoke extremely well, worked well together as a team.  Very informative and made course interesting.  Very worth attending. -- B.A."
  • "Wonderful!  Made me aware of how my thoughts about others and situations affect me and other people."
  • "Demonstrates that we don't have to suffer to make a living.  Work can be a fun place to be. -- S.J."
  • "Excellent content.  Truly hit home in many aspects."

Sounds great, but I still have some questions.